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Vulcano Island lying closest to the shores of the Sicilian Island and is separated from Lipari, the closest island, by less than one mile ship canal. Very characteristic for the island are steep, rocky shores with thermal hot springs, mud baths, fumaroles and black sand beaches.
The huge volcanic cone is the first element seen shortly after arriving on the island. However, another characteristic feature are volcanic gases which still reminds of volcanic activity. The Vulcano Island has three overlapping volcanic centers. To the south are the old stratovolcano Monte Aria (500 m), Monte Saraceno (481 m) and Monte Luccia (188 m), which partially collapsed creating a caldera Il Piano. The center and northern part of the island is the volcano with the crater Fossa Gran Cratere, where fumaroles are still active, sending constant clouds of sulphurous steam into the air and is one of the biggest attractions of the island: Fossa di Vulcano (the Great Crater). People with a lot of energy can climb 391 m up of the volcano peak, the craters edge of Fossa di Vulcano to see an amazing view of the islands lined up to the north of Vulcano. Beware of the vents around it for the gases are extremely hot. It is a bit of climb, sun cream and good shoes are essential. Piano, the area between the Gran Cratere and the mountain Aia is very green, full of vineyards and orchards. Sailing around the Vulcano, you can come across numerous rock formations of volcanic nature, growing straight out of the sea. An example of such geological surprises may be Vulcanello - located north of Porto di Levante, connected to the rest of the island by a narrow isthmus, formed by lava and sand.

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On both sides of the isthmus are bays to the east of Porto di Levante, to the west of Porto di Ponente. The west side is calm and gentle, with black sand (Sabbie Nere), while the eastern is full of cliffs, coves and caves.